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The diabetic pincushions

August 14, 2009

This week has been rather challenging for me. Other than the normal stresses of work and family, diabetes has decided to really throw me for a loop.

The past few weeks, looking over my CoPilot software that I upload my PDM to, I have had quite a number of “green numbers” (you know, the good ones…. the ones that fall within range). Yes, there have been a few outside of it, but it is a very exciting thing to see when you upload your readings to find yourself looking at a sea of green blocks showing how good you have managed yourself recently.

Well, that streak ended yesterday morning. I did my usual routine of getting up and getting ready for work, checking glucose before breakfast only to be shocked to see “341mg/dl” come on my screen in big bold numbers. I was very upset to say the least. I changed my insulin pod, corrected and decided to wait a few hours before eating breakfast to be sure the ghastly number was on it’s way down. I was finally getting really hungry, so I checked at the two hour marker only to be further disappointed with a 374mg/dl!! I could not believe what I was seeing! My mouth literally fell open! What is going on here? Thought to myself, well, maybe the pod change is just delaying the absorption a little, I’ll wait a little longer…. 398mg/dl was the next reading. By this time, I had enough of the highs and removed the pod and went on pen shots. Took my Lantus for basal and Apidra for correction and went about my business. By the end of the day, after my fingers felt sore from all the pricking and checking every hour or so, I was back to normal (or close enough to it) that I thought, “FINALLY, we’re out of the woods!”….

Not so. This morning, once again, bg was 300mg/dl. “WHAT? NOT THIS AGAIN”, I thought to myself. “Why” was the only question that was crossing my mind. I thought I had fixed it. I went on the pens… carefully took the right amount at each poke of the needle… bg was great before bed. So, I did the same as yesterday, I tried to postpone breakfast to see if it would come down after a correction shot… and it did, some. 237 was my number after waiting an hour. Being very aggravated and hungry at this point, I decided to eat a light snack. 2 hours later, I’m back at 317… 30 minutes later, 310…. not much was changing and I was getting sick. That icky feeling you get when your glucose is high for too long. I had enough. I called the doctors office and got a call back in an hour asking me to come in. He looked at everything, checked me out for sickness, and could not conclude what was going on either, so we bumped up my basal rates and we’re changing my insulin brand to Novolog at my next pod change. He attributes the highs to heat. It is possible, so we’ll see I guess. Bg did finally reach 152, but is going back up. Currently at 178mg/dl. So with the insulin resistance going in high gear these few days, I may be switching back to pens and changing a few other factors (like insulin to carb ratios, correction factors, that kind of thing) until this wave is over.

Looking at my fingers and my arm, I look as if I have been made into a pincushion. All of my fingers have little freckles from all the pokes and my arms have tiny little bruise spots from the shots. It reminds me a lot of how a pincushion looks after a seamstress has used one a few times with all the new holes left from the needles being stuck in it. Of course, they get worn after a while and you can’t tell it, but it’s the new ones you can really see it on. This week, I have used fingers I usually don’t use to test with.. they are my little pincushions… the diabetic’s pincushions.

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